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Attitude of Gratitude

Personal Development | | Tom Suddes

There’s no better time of the year to GIVE THANKS for all that we have.

Almost every book I’ve read on success, happiness, personal development, etc. talks about how important it is to be GRATEFUL for what we have… and what a huge impact this has on our daily lives.

If “WEALTH IS AN ASSURANCE OF THINGS THAT WE VALUE…” and everything we really value doesn’t actually ‘cost’ anything… then, we should be truly grateful for our families and friends, our communities and country and our freedom.

I just read that over 3,100 have died in Bangladesh as a result of the latest cyclone. Having visited the country and see the living conditions, that was just another reminder to give THANKS for all we have.

Nick and I wish all of you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING – and we are grateful and appreciative of what you do every day to change the world and make an impact.