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In case you haven’t seen the Holstee Manifesto, here it is … and here’s link to their site.

We have the same kind of thing  on for entrepreneurs (How To Be A Social Entrepreneur) that you also might find interesting.

25 Wishes

No More Suits & Ties

I received this article, To Save Power, Bangladesh Bans Suits and Ties, from my good friend and former Notre Dame Boxing Captain, Leo Rubinkowski. Just another reason that I love Bangladesh.

*For context, I’ve been the Boxing Coach at Notre Dame for the last 35 years. The Bengal Bouts will be held for the 80th time this year. All of the proceeds from the five-day tournament (over $1 Million to date) go to the Holy Cross Missions in Bangladesh, formerly Bengal. I have visited the Missions there; and, more recently, eight of our current boxers have visited on three different occasions in the last year. Incredible program.

I spent 25 years in business ‘in uniform’. Triple starched white shirts. Dark green or dark blue suit. Conservative, regimental ties. (My brother John and I used to change into four or five white shirts per day when we were working in places like St. Louis in the summer!)

As a truly Old Guy, I’ve been around enough other Old Guys to verify that this UNIFORM has nothing to do with Leadership, Creativity or Innovation. It certainly has zero to do with THINKING. In fact, almost everybody knows that THINKING TIME does not coincide with SUIT & TIE TIME.

Take off your jacket. Undo or trash your tie. ‘Ties’ cut off circulation and strangle the brain.

Get comfortable… and THINK.

P.S. Hopefully, Beau Brummel has been banished to that ‘hot place’ and forced to wear a dark suit, starched white shirt and a really tight tie… in Hades.

Celebrate Your Birthdate

For the last eight or nine years, I have tried very, very hard to make my BIRTHDATE a special day every month. March 19th is my birthday, thus today is my August BIRTHDATE.

I’ve been quietly trying to encourage everyone around me to CELEBRATE their own BIRTHDATE. And, not so quietly, I have challenged thousands of individuals at certain speaking engagements to do the same.

I encourage you to make your BIRTHDATE a special day for YOU. Do something SOLO. (Breakfast or coffee shop with a journal or a book. A motorcycle or bike ride. A yoga class. Whatever.)

Do something special with those you love. Spend a little time with the g-kids. Catch up with a sib or a child away from home. Have lunch the ‘girls’ or a beverage with the ‘boys’.

*I also use the 19th as the once a month review of my goals (lifetime, this year, upcoming 90 days, etc.) (more…)

Seeking Balance

I’m just finishing up some reflections on LIFE and WORK, called 25 WISHES.

I started The Suddes Group 25 years ago, and I wanted to capture some of the things that I WISH… I would have known either earlier in my life or understood more deeply the essence and implication of the idea captured in the WISH.

WISH #1 is SEEK BALANCE. This is about the paradox, conundrum or supposed conflict of BALANCE in your LIFE and your WORK.

Yesterday I was reading FSB (Fortune Small Business) about entrepreneurs who started their companies during a recession/downturn, and who now run really big organizations.

The real ‘bummer in all of the articles was the following quote by the founders of Costco in Seattle: “We worked almost constantly… we didn’t see our kids. (We) were on the road almost every day for 10 years. It was a tough grind.”

You think?

To read more re: my thoughts on SEEKING BALANCE.

Turn ‘Dog Days’ Into Great Thinking and Planning Time

I was at the ‘beach’ last week with the g-kids (and some of their parents) doing some early morning reflection and some looooong bike rides from one end of the island to the other. I was struck by how AUGUST is viewed as such a down month, dog days of August/summer, no productivity, nobody around, nothing happening.

The fact is, it’s a TERRIFIC time to THINKREFLECTPLAN.

After Labor Day, the kids are back in school, there’s more focus on business and work, etc.

WHAT IF… you use these next few weeks to commit (to yourself) that you’re going to make some ‘BIG STUFF’ happen in September, October and November?

WHAT IF… you took some (a lot?!) time during these next few weeks to:

  1. THINK BIG! Set some really Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Commit to stay at 30,000′. Take Quantum Leaps. Etc. Etc.

    Special Note: One great way to get in the right frame of mind for this activity is to read some powerful ‘THINK BIG’ books. Here’s a couple of quick examples:

    • Man’s Search for Meaning, Victor Frankl. It’s said to be one of the ten best books ever written. If you’re looking for a great life philosophy read that applies to just about everything, Frankl’s book about Nazi war camps, attitude, purpose, etc. is a must read.

    • Think & Grow Rich. Supposedly, more people have pointed to this book as their turning point in their lives (me included) than any other book besides the Bible. DCA (Definite Chief Aim). Mastermind Group. Purpose. So much more.

    • *If you really want to go deep here. Grab Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success. Mine is 3” thick with a bright red cover. Hill’s copyright is 1937. My first reading (inscribed inside the cover) was 40 years after that on the 25th of May, 1977.

    • The Magic of Thinking Big. David Schwartz classic. Just reinforces the whole concept that it’s actually so much easier to do BIG STUFF than it is a bunch of small, mediocre stuff. MAGIC is just a great reminder of this concept.

  2. “FIRST WITH THE HEAD. THEN WITH THE HEART.” This is my favorite line from one of the best books I’ve ever read in my life, The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay. It’s kind of the paradox to Andy Grove’s “Engage, Then Plan.”

    I actually think August is a terrific time to PLAN (First with the Head)… so that you can ENGAGE/EXECUTE/ACT (Then with the Heart).

    This morning I just finished putting together a 90-Day Action Plan for September, October and November. I know WHAT I need to get done (at the highest level). I know WHY I need to do it and how it fits into life goals, business goals, etc. And I know HOW I can get it done.

    Now all I’ve get to do is actually DO it.

    *I even created a separate Journal this morning just for this Action Plan. WRITE IT DOWN. IT WILL HAPPEN.

  3. HAVE FUN! The word ‘RECREATE’ can be broken into RE-CREATE. One way to RE-CREATE is to RECREATE! You’re much more creative when you take time off to get away from the fires, the mundane, the cacophony of mindless babbling at work. If you go to the beach or the mountains or even a local coffee shop… it’s a great opportunity to THINK. To PLAN. To CREATE.

    We need to have more FUN! Practice NEOTONY. The dictionary says this is ‘juvenilism’ but I think of the word more about ACTING LIKE A CHILD. Be curious. Have fun. Ask questions.

    If you want a special book on this, check out Serious Play by Michael Schrage.

P.S. I am called O.G. (Old Guy) by all my grandkids (and many others). One of my favorite authors of all time is OG Mandino who had a very powerful influence on my life in my early years. Here is an article from latest Success magazine on Og. Read any of his wonderful books for a real lift.

Create and Own Your Own Reality

Last week Amazon announced the purchase of for $850M. CEO, Tony Hsieh, has been making the rounds for months as the leader of the newest darling company. I really enjoy his outlook and admire his achievement. Following the Amazon announcement he posted this tweet:

The biggest (and hardest) lesson I’ve learned in life is that the external world is just a reflection of the world within.

Pretty profound.

Posted above my computer: In the absence of utter clarity, create your own reality.

Tony pushes that a step further. (Always) create your own reality. Own your own reality. And… he’s absolutely right!

PS – A first. Blogging about a tweet. We’re @forimpact


As a right-brain (hair-brain?), contrarian, mind-mapping maverick, talking about a ‘SYSTEM’ is sometimes hard. But, I saw the word as an acronym and I can certainly buy into this:

Save Yourself Stress, Time, Energy and Money.

That’s really what a true SYSTEM does.

Note: A SYSTEM, by definition, is an orderly, inner-connected arrangement… a set of principles linked to form a coherent doctrine or… a method of organization, administration or procedure.

We’ve got some great SYSTEMS. You can call them processes or frameworks or methodologies, but I believe all of these qualify:

• A SALES SYSTEM (the Roadmap and Process).
• A DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM (around the Model).
• A PRESENTATION SYSTEM (a Framework and Flow).
• A PROSPECTING SYSTEM (to help Identify, Prioritize and Strategize).
• A ‘STRATEGIC PLANNING’ SYSTEM (around Leadership Consensus Building).
• A (Non-Traditional) CAMPAIGN SYSTEM.

All of these Save You Stress, Time, Energy and Money.

Let us know if you could use any of these SYSTEMS, especially you left-brains, need the details, execution.


“LEADERS can afford to be uncertain, but (they) cannot afford to be UNCLEAR.”
Andy Stanley

“UNCERTAINTY is not an indication of poor leadership… the temptation is to think, ‘If I were a good leader, I would know exactly what to do.’

Increased responsibility means dealing with more and more intangibles and, therefore, more complex uncertainty.

LEADERS can afford to be uncertain, but (they) cannot afford to be UNCLEAR.

People will not follow fuzzy leadership.”

Pretty self-explanatory quote from Andy Stanley as cited in John Maxwell’s wonderful article in the latest Success Magazine.


And, of course, a CLEAR (and Concise, Compelling and Consistent)… MESSAGE.

Neither Wilbur or Orville Wright Had a Pilot’s License

Just think about it.