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I shared the attached article from Harvard Business Review’s John Kotter (big-time leadership guru) with our Senior Team this weekend.

Harvard Business Review

The more I thought about it, the more I felt the article could offer huge benefits to the For Impact ‘tribe.’ It’s titled “Management Is (Still) Not Leadership.”

Kotter goes into strong but simple definitions around the difference between Leadership and Management. Clearly, every For Impact organization needs both.

If you don’t think you need to read the article, I would simply ask if you’re making, as Kotter describes it:

    “Mistake #1: People use the terms ‘Management’ and ‘Leadership’ interchangeably. This shows that they don’t see the crucial difference between the two and the vital functions that each role plays.”

There are two other ‘mistakes’ Kotter spells out that will grab your attention.

If you’re thinking about changing the world, it’s pretty important that you understand the difference between ‘Leadership’ and ‘Management’ … and position yourself and your organization to do both.