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Channel Your Inner Stuart Smalley Before an Ask

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

Remember: BEFORE he was Senator Al Franken when he was Stuart Smalley on Saturday Night Live.

Stuart Smalley was an Al Franken character that led an affirmation / self-help show. He would begin every episode by looking in the mirror and reminding himself. I’m good enough; I’m smart enough and gosh darn it. People like me.

It’s okay to take a few moments before your call or visit and have your own Stuart Smalley moment. In fact, always take a moment and remind yourself of WHY you do this.

Remind yourself:

  • Of what happens if you DON’T ask.
  • Of what happens if we DON’T raise funds… Then take that all the way out to its logical conclusion.
  • Get in alignment with that conclusion. Channel it. You’re there to save lives, change lives and impact lives.
  • The person with whom you’re meeting wants to save lives, change lives and impact lives.
  • Think: Shoulder-to-shoulder. This isn’t about you ‘convincing someone’. It’s not about ‘getting money’. It’s about working together.
  • If you’re