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Close All the Factories

Blog | | Tom Suddes

The plight of the auto industry is a media bonanza. Corporate jets, bailouts, CEO firings, potential bankruptcies, etc.

I’m reminded of a great story told about John DeLorean, who built a new car line (the DeLorean, which only exists in the reruns or rentals of BACK TO THE FUTURE).

DeLorean worked for General Motors in a very senior position in the early 80’s. The “bean counters” (accountants and financial people) came into a big, big meeting and basically talked about how much money could be saved by closing certain automobile manufacturing plants.

As the story goes, DeLorean supposedly stood up and said, “I’ve got a great idea. Let’s close ALL of the auto plants. Think about how much money we’d save.” Then he stormed out.

3rd Sector Analogy: The ‘obvious’ ‘bean counter answer to all of the ‘economic problems‘ is to dramatically cut budgets, staff and services… which would mean we would not be able to continue to DELIVER our IMPACT to the PEOPLE we SERVE.

The entrepreneurial answer is to RE-FOCUS, RE-ALLOCATE and, RE-DESIGN!

RE-FOCUS… on your core strengths, values and impact.

RE-ALLOCATE… existing revenue to obtain greater productivity.

RE-DESIGN… your Funding Model and Plan to generate MORE REVENUE at LESS COST.