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Board… Not… Responsible… Fundraising

Funding Principles, Leadership and Boards | | Tom Suddes

Nick and I are on our way to make a presentation to select members of an amazing For Impact health care organization in Virginia.

As we talked out the presentation and prep last night, I was reminded of the power of this simple statement:


You may have heard this from us before, but just a reminder to everyone that is struggling with:

    • Getting the Board to ask their friends for money.

    • Sharing names of people who need to be hit up. (“How’s that working for you?” as Nick always says.)

    • Handing out 3 x 5 cards and then having follow-up meetings to discuss ‘progress’ (when, of course, there is none).

The Board should do 3 things as it relates to funding.

    1. Champion… a Cause, a Case and the Organization.

    2. Invite… others to be engaged.

    3. Invest… with a commensurate commitment.

P.S. If they can’t do those 3 things, they are not ON BOARD… and, therefore, should not be ON THE BOARD.