For Impact


A Dashboard to Measure and Manage Fundraising (Sales)

Team | | Nick Fellers

We’re often asked about ways to MEASURE and MANAGE the fundraising (read: sales) function of organizations. Here is the simple sales dashboard we use: The For Impact Green Sheet.

It measures ACTIVITY and PRODUCTIVITY – Visits. Asks. Results.

“Spend more time with better prospects.” – Brian Tracy

Here are three instances in which we use the For Impact Green Sheet with clients:

  • When we’re building a Sales Model/Team – to create alignment and a culture of philanthropy.The Green Sheet becomes a clear illustration of what matters. People start asking questions like, “How do we get more visits?” Or, “Why are we doing another mail appeal? Will it help us identify more leads?”
  • For Campaign Management.In addition to broad campaign goals, the sales dashboard is a view into all elements of a comprehensive campaign. See Today/Tomorrow/Forever Funding Model.
  • To coach and develop talent!This is an important note for ‘sales managers’ and ‘sales leaders.’ We need this dashboard (or something similar) not only for accountability, but to effectively COACH and DEVELOP talent. In fact, you really need these three things:
    • A Master Prospect List /Action Plan: You need to know the priority prospects.
    • The For Impact Green Sheet.
    • Call Memos. It’s challenging to coach someone without knowing what actually happened on a visit.

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