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Do the Work (Part 2)

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

In case you didn’t read Do the Work (Part 1) or haven’t ordered Steven Pressfield’s book, here are 3 more great nuggets:

    1. 3 PARTS. “Any project or enterprise can be divided into 3 PARTS: BEGINNING. MIDDLE. END.” Pressfield says to decide what comprises the beginning, middle and end… then fill in the gaps! (And then the gaps between the gaps.)
    *Works perfectly with our For Impact Mantra: EVERYTHING’S A PROJECT! (EAP)
    2. “What is this damn thing about?”
    Love this! Pressfield says to stop every few days (or weeks) and just ask yourself: What is this about? (He uses the word THEME.)
    WHAT is the goal? WHAT does success look like?
    3. In our world, “Don’t reflect. Act.” This is followed almost immediately by “Reflect. Act. Reflect. Act. Reflect. Act.”
    (e.g. If ‘writing’, this would be: Write. Edit. Write. Edit. Write. Edit.
    If ‘entrepreneur’: Build. Fix. Build. Fix. Build. Fix.)

Again, order this book. Read it. Put it into ‘play’ (ACTION)!