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Do the Work (Part 1)

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I love Steven Pressfield’s writing, thinking, prodding… and his authenticity.

He’s written some fabulous historical fiction (Tides of War and Gates of Fire), plus The Legend of Bagger Vance. His WAR OF ART, however, is one of my absolute favorite books.

Now he follows up with an e-book, DO THE WORK (available for free at Amazon until May 20th… read the fine print). Written in his usual powerful ‘voice’, Pressfield challenges us to overcome.

Please trust me on this: ‘DTW’ is required reading for entrepreneurial start-ups, ‘artists’, sales professionals and FOR IMPACT leaders.

Takes 30 minutes to read… but have notebook handy for nuggets/gems like these:

  • To ‘ROCK & ROLL’, act on these 3 mantras:
  • 1. Stay Primitive. (Instinctual. Gut. Go for it.)
    2. Trust the Soup. (Forget ‘control’. Put faith in the source, your muse, yourself.)
    3. Swing for the Seats. (In For Impact Vocab: THINK BIG!)

  • ‘START AT END’. 3 words for Covey’s ‘Begin with the end in mind’. If you don’t know the ‘end‘… it’s hard to ‘start‘.
  • START BEFORE YOU ARE READY. Great line! Stop researching, planning, thinking, worrying… JUST START!
  • And, DON’T THINK… ACT!

Overcome Resistance. Don’t procrastinate. Do it now. Order this book… NOW.