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Engagement has a 24-Hour Half-Life

WOW Email | | Nick Fellers

At For Impact, we’re constantly trying to get people to think about what it means TO ENGAGE! In school, in business, in life, we’re taught how to present, but we’re not always taught how to engage.

We define engagement as a dynamic within a relationship that holds attention, heightens interest and motivates action.

Think about a movie or a performance you’ve attended where you were engaged and left with that feeling of being present and excited. Think about how that engagement consumed your mind! Now think about how you felt the next day.

Engagement (that level of attention, interest, and motivation-toward-action) has a 24-hour half-life. That is, if we could measure engagement in some way, it seems to dissipate by half every 24 hours.

This means that within 48 hours of your visit the prospect has an engagement level at 25% of what it was after your visit.


As salespeople, we need to be making engaging presentations and asks. And, more importantly, we need to pounce on timely follow-up. It’s better to follow-up immediately, even if it’s 60% of your best effort, than to wait three days. The longer you wait, the harder you’ll have to work to recapture engagement.

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