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Find Your Transcendent Purpose

Video, Simplify Message | | Nick Fellers

Nick discusses the importance of finding your transcendent purpose and how going up in elevation will transform your organization’s success.


What’s the highest purpose for someone to invest in your organization? Why do you exist? These high altitude questions are aimed at discovering the Transcendent Purpose of your organization and when answered, will push your prospects to make a philanthropic investment, not a charitable donation.

If you can find your transcendent purpose, you can increase the quantity and range of prospects, as well as the quality of engagement. For example, if you are trying to raise the funds for a new school building, your purpose has nothing to do with the building, but has everything to do with training and educating students to go out and transform the community. People care about the ‘why,’ and when you show them that the cause is bigger than the case, it becomes possible to push their current $100K investment to their full $1M capacity.

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