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Video, Qualify Prospects | | Tom Suddes

Tom introduces how to identify the most qualified prospects and discusses the 11 Barrier Busters to get them on board with your vision.


In the Roadmap for the Case For Support, the first step is the why and what you are selling, second is presentation design, and lastly is who you are selling to. One of the biggest barriers to success for organizations is acquiring prospects. Tom addresses the misconception that the challenge is getting new prospects, but rather explains how it is all about finding the best or most qualified prospects.

A qualified prospect has two key components:

  • Financial capacity to make an impact
  • A relationship, either with the cause (cancer, domestic violence, etc), or the case (your organization)

Your best prospects are your current champions and the people who are already the most invested in your cause or case. Essentially, capacity can be viewed as the problem while the relationship offers a solution to that problem.

But if you do not have the drive, passion, and motivation to meet with these prospects, then the first two steps in the roadmap are a waste of time. You must believe in the cause and case of your organization, believe that you are with a qualified prospect, and then prepare and commit to the sale. The 11 Barrier Busting Ideas provide the best ways to identify high-capacity qualified prospects and maximize your relationships.

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