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Commit to Sales: It’s about Fire in the Belly!

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

You are in sales! Not everyone wants to hear that but it’s the truth.

What is sales? Sales is the responsibility… the calling… the opportunity to carry the story of your organization… how it’s saving, changing and impacting lives… and share that story with people… 1:1… to build relationships with them to ASK them to help save, change and impact lives.

Sales is about ATTITUDE!

A great salesperson:

  • Feels empty when he or she’s not OUT OF THE OFFICE engaging with people one on one.
  • Is always trying to rationalize why timing is PERFECT, not what timing is poor.
  • Values DIALOGUE and ENGAGEMENT over monologues and power points.
  • Understands the BALL’S ALWAYS IN HIS OR HER COURT.
  • Is NEVER AFRAID TO ASK… because he or she wakes up every morning with some neural connection… some visceral understanding that not asking means saving, changing or impacting fewer lives.
  • DOES NOT FEAR REJECTION because he or she knows the act of rejection because it’s simply a stepwise function of the ability to have MORE IMPACT.
  • Is always GROWING and LEARNING to reinforce every point above.
  • NEVER COMES OFF AS A ‘SALESPERSON’ because he or she is simply moved by the fire in the belly…. and see’s ‘the sale’ as the transfer of that fire.
  • Is EXCITING TO BE AROUND because he or she is an important CATALYST NEEDED TO CHANGE THE WORLD!

So…. Commit to Sales! Have some fire in your belly! Change the world!