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Giving Is Good

Daily Nuggets | | Kerry Suddes

A quick follow up to yesterday’s post on defining SUCCESS. A friend shared this quote from Pablo Picasso:

The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.

There are many a way to interpret this quote, but I’ll just say it’s GOOD TO GIVE! From an old Ode/Optimist Magazine article, “Giving improves health, spreads wealth, strengthens social bonds and, best of all, it’s CONTAGIOUS!”

The GIVING triple win:

For Yourself. ‘The more you give the more you get’ is not just a cliché. It works.

For Your Organization. The better you understand your purpose (saving, changing, impacting lives) the easier it is to go out and SHARE THE STORY and PRESENT OPPORTUNITIES for people to give to your impact.

For Philanthropy and Fundraising. Helping people enjoy the benefits of GIVING sure is a worthy calling!