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Let Go of Your Baggage.

Daily Nuggets | | Kerry Suddes

We’re re-publishing some lessons from Tom’s For Impact Campaign Manifesto: Take a Quantum Leap this week and next.

One that comes up often in coaching and working with clients is getting over the ‘We’ve always done it this way’ attitude and instead asking questions like, “Is this (event, appeal letter, feasibility study, etc) producing the right results? Or any results for that matter?”

Tom says simply: LET GO OF YOUR BAGGAGE.

You can’t make a QUANTUM LEAP dragging ‘BAGGAGE,’ ‘SACRED COWS,’ and an ‘ALWAYS DONE IT THIS WAY’ attitude.

“IL SOLE NO MUOVE.” Da Vinci and Copernicus both got blasted (by the church) for espousing this heresy: ”THE SUN DOESN’T MOVE.”

“The world is flat.”
“The 4 minute mile can’t be broken.”
“Peers must ask peers (for money).”
“Feasibility studies are mandatory.”
“We need this event to raise awareness/friends.”

Let go of your ‘BAGGAGE.’ All of it.

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[Note: we do take a hard line on many things we consider to be OLD THINKING. The good news is that if we take something away, we’ll always give you a NEW way to think about it.]