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Head… Heart… Head

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I’ve probably given away 500 copies of THE POWER OF ONE by Bryce Courtney over the years, especially to my Notre Dame boxers.

One of the all-time great lines I’ve read in my life comes from Hoppe, the boxing trainer, to Peekay, the protagonist:

“First with the HEAD, then with the HEART.”

In our world (and the boxing world), that means think, strategize, prepare, practice (head) … and then present with enthusiasm, emotion, passion (heart).


As always, there’s a corollary to this: HEART then HEAD.

“First with the HEART, then with the HEAD.”

This would be Zig Ziglar making his classic contribution to the sales profession: “People buy on EMOTION (HEART) then justify with LOGIC (HEAD).”

So, maybe the real story would go like this:

First with the HEAD… then with the HEART… then with the HEAD.

Special Note: While working in Ireland a few weeks ago with Social Entrepreneurs Ireland and the O’Brien Foundation, I had an opportunity to meet an incredible young superstar who is changing the world, Alan Kerins.

Alan was a star ‘hurler’ who made a trip to Zambia that changed his life. He has now created the Alan Kerins Projects supporting community and youth leadership programs.

I urged Alan to find and read a copy of Courtney’s THE POWER OF ONE, not just because it was set in Africa and about sports/boxing, but because it is a great STORY. And, it tied to our discussion of the Irish nun who is her own ‘Power of One’ in Africa!!!