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Help People Get What They Want!!!

Attitude, On Prospects | | Tom Suddes

Zig Ziglar is a God-like figure in Personal Development and Sales Training. He summarizes his entire philosophy, point of view and message as follows.

“To get what you want, help enough other people get what they want first.”

He’s all about ATTITUDE. So are we.

You need to believe that to “get what you want” (Make more IMPACT, have more INCOME to Fund Your Vision, etc.) you have to “help enough other people get what they want”:

It’s sometimes hard to put yourself in the INVESTOR’S proverbial shoes, but I believe they want:

    An Opportunity to Make A Difference

    A Chance to Move from Success to Significance (in Drucker’s words)

    A Meaningful Way to HELP You Achieve Your Impact

To get what you WANT… help other people get what they WANT!