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How to Write a Call Memo

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

The call memo is an important mechanic in our sales process.

It’s an internal memo-for-the-record. I would encourage you to write-up these notes IMMEDIATELY following the visit. Don’t wait.

(I carry a dictation device and transcribe the call memo in my car – minutes after a call.)

You can also download a call-memo-template for more structure.


  • Record what happened on the visit. Someone on your team should be able to pick-up the memo and continue the conversation.In most cases you can have a sheet of paper out to take notes during the visit. I’m amazed at how often sales people take no notes!
  • Use quotes. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!! The best message in the world is the one that comes from the prospect’s mouth. Capture words and exact phrases used by the prospect(s); put them in quotes.
    • Bad: Prospect seemed to like our program.
    • Good: “Of everything you’re doing, I honestly don’t really care about the after-school program but I think the summer program has mountains of potential.”

    This will:

    • Help you LISTEN. Read Vocabulary Wars.
    • Help others on your team LISTEN (even though they weren’t there).
    • Make life so much easier when you pull out the call report in six months…
  • Use bullets. Easier to read. Easier (faster) for you to download.
  • No rule on length. Should capture all the key points that you would need to remember in six months… but shouldn’t take you all afternoon to compose.