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“How to stay bullish in bearish times.”

Attitude, Campaigns (Funding the Vision) | | Tom Suddes

I was reading an article this morning in Selling Power by Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup fame.

The article was all about staying POSITIVE in negative times.

Here are 3 ways to stay BULLISH in BEARISH TIMES.

  1. THINK BIG. Asking 10 or 100 people for a $100,000 project… is 1,000 times harder than finding the one person who loves the project and wants to see it happen.

  2. BUILD SIMPLE. The clear, concise, compelling message around Purpose, Priorities and Plan. That’s ‘all’ it takes.

    *Some fun alliteration: Complexity, Complaining and Confusion Create a Cacophony of Contradictions that Condemn a Clear, Concise, Compelling Case.

  3. ACT NOW. Don’t ‘bunker’ ‘hunker’. (Hunker down in your bunker.) Don’t hide in your office. Successful achievers in this financial climate are out making visits, making great presentations and making money (for their organization).