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For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

The ‘Old Guy’ can’t remember where I first heard this, so I can’t give attribution. But, it’s pretty powerful.

Great SALES people sell with ENTHUSIASM.

The last four letters are I.A.S.M.

I Am Sold Myself.

If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, you should change jobs! Today!

Besides the obvious issues about loving what you do, being passionate about your organization, company, service, product or whatever… you dis-belief will be transparent and obvious to everybody with whom you’re selling.

How are people going to ‘buy’ from you when they see that you haven’t bought (believe) yourself in what you are ‘selling’???

Special Note: I read once that the word ENTHUSIASM is about ‘God within’. Regardless of the name of your respective ‘God’, the idea is that you are filled with something bigger than yourself.

I’m not very smart about this whole lexicon thing, but I’m guessing that this is probably also tied somehow to being an ‘evangelist’ for what you believe in.