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How to Find the Ideal Development Offer – Short Guide (PDF)

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Right now, we’re helping with a search for a Vice President for Advancement, a Major Gifts Officer for a National Youth Development Organization, a Development Officer for a Hospital and dozens of ‘Salespeople’ for For Impact Organizations.

I put together a short guide with some ideas on the ‘Ideal Development Officer’ (whatever that is).

If you’re looking to add great salespeople to your team, check this out. Give us a call if we can help you search, hire or train your new team.

P.S. Two startling statistics.

I just heard that within the 1,200 Catholic High Schools in the country, there is almost 50% annual turnover of their Development Staff.

Then, I saw in the paper yesterday that ‘The’ Ohio State University wants to increase its annual $27 Million Fundraising Budget… by $7.8 Million… WOW! to add 91 positions to its current staff of 107 people!!! (Numbers are tied to a $2.5 Billion Goal.)