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“Innovative Plan to Fund Necessary Repairs!”

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Since everybody in the ‘not-for-profit’ world is looking for creative ways to raise money, I thought I’d share that this “Innovative Plan to Fund Necessary Repairs” by Milan’s Duomo Cathedral.

Milan’s Duomo Cathedral

“This is one of the most stunning cathedrals in Europe.”
“A European architectural gem.”
“A majestic, Gothic cathedral in Milan, Italy.”

Their ‘innovative idea’ is selling 135 of their spires! It’s called ADOTTA UNA GUGLIA or ‘adopt a spire’! Yes, you can have your own ‘spire’… for a minimum donation of 100,000 Euros. ($130,000 US)… “you can have your name or the name of your family, written at the base of the spire for all eternity.”

Special Note: “For more affordable option, they may consider putting GARGOYLES up for adoption for less amounts!”

I’m not sure what point I really want to make with all of this, but here are 3 thoughts:

  • Very, very few organizations can be labeled “as the most stunning cathedral in Europe and perhaps all of the world”!
  • Very, very, very few have anything like these ‘spires‘ to use as recognition of a gift.
  • Selling ‘spires’, ‘bricks’, ’tiles’, ‘bathroom stalls’ or anything else that not-for-profit organizations are doing… is a massive ‘cop out’ from the true work that needs be done: JUST VISIT. JUST ASK.