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Leadership User Manual

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Abby Falik (Founder of Global Citizen year – also a For Impact alumna and friend!) penned a ‘Leadership User Manual’. It’s crisp and composed in a way that creates a human connection. I know this is proving to be an effective communication tool for Abby and highlight here here for others.

An Excerpt…

What I value

  • I value resourcefulness and proactivity. Be smart, move fast and pivot quickly. Ask forgiveness rather than permission.

  • I’m obsessed with efficiency: I touch each email only once (respond, delete, delegate, or delay), and live by the law of 80/20 – often prioritizing promptness (ie. 24-hour rule in following up on a meeting) over perfection. I start each day by “eating my frog” when my energy and attention are fresh.

  • I expect my teammates to value efficiency as well. Before doing something “the way it’s always been done,” scan for an easier, cheaper, simpler way to maximize your “return on effort”. Before starting something from scratch, ask if it’s already been tried.

  • I value scrappiness and feel an obligation to our staff, Fellows, partners and donors to focus our limited time and resources on the “real good” vs. the “feel good”.

  • I believe work-life alignment matters more than work-life balance, and that strategic self-care – whether sleeping enough, leaving work early to exercise, meditate, or spend time in nature – is the key ingredient to becoming our best, most productive and happy selves. I am religious about spending time unplugged – a day a week, and a few weeks a year.

To read the full Leadership Manual (all 770 words of it) read Abby’s original post on LinkedIn: Leaders need “User Manuals” – and what I learned by writing mine.