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Making Friends

Blog | | Tom Suddes

A friend and coaching client shared this thought with me yesterday.

“The ‘profession’ is filled with people who were brought on to ‘MAKE FRIENDS’. They’ve been brainwashed into believing the importance of cultivation, moves management, etc. and that wishing, hoping and praying will actually have some results. It just ain’t so.”

“What you have brought to us as an organization and to the me as a development professional with over 20 years in the field is the simple concept of JUST ASK.”

“Yesterday I JUST ASKED our entire Board to sponsor a specific number of students and I’m following up with them individually today and tomorrow. I also have five visits scheduled this week; and I am learning to JUST ASK on every visit. Thank you.”

‘FRIENDS’ are nice, but they don’t put the INCOME in your IMPACT. Be less worried about ‘OFFENDING’ your ‘FRIENDS’… and more focused and aggressive on FUNDING your VISION.