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No More Feasibility Studies

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Having watched hundreds (maybe thousands) of ‘NON-PROFITS’ do FEASIBILITY STUDIES …
I still don’t get it.

INTERNAL staff get together … agree they need more money … INTERNAL groups decides to do a campaign to raise more money. INTERNAL leaders enlist EXTERNAL CONSULTANT to do a feasibility study (board justification, cya and back-up).

Think about this ‘FEASIBILITY’ scenario.

  • No sharing of vision.
  • No engagement.
  • No story.
  • No dialogue.
  • No involvement.
  • No presentation of an opportunity.

If you’re still questioning this, think about the following conversation between ‘consultant’ and ‘prospect’.

“If xyz nonprofit org were to do a HYPOTHETICAL campaign with a HYPOTHETICAL goal … how much HYPOTHETICAL money would you HYPOTHETICALLY give to this HYPOTHETICAL campaign?”

Sign me up.

There is an alternative. We use our LEADERSHIP CONSENSUS BUILDING process to create opportunities for both internal and external STAKEHOLDERS to get involved before being asked to invest.

We have chosen these 3 words carefully:

  • LEADERSHIP. Engaging the best internal and external LEADERS in the process of message clarification, prioritization and the funding plan will translate into a huge return of the time, energy and resources invested in this process.
  • CONSENSUS. This is the right decision, not necessarily about ‘unanimous’ agreement. Consensus on vision, purpose, priorities, goals, etc. creates commitment … generates momentum … and forces engagement
  • BUILDING. We have provided a framework to let top internal and external stakeholders engage and involve at the highest level of conversation.

This approach serves as the most powerful form of PREDISPOSITION:


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