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No More Meetings (Hat tip: James Carville)

Vision & Entrepreneurial Strategy | | Tom Suddes

I’m sick of ‘meetings‘. And I’m at an age where I can ‘just SAY no’.

Political pundit James Carville says,


He goes on to say that, “Absent a major peace negotiation, complicated merger or complex legal settlement, there’s no reason on earth to have a meeting last more 30 MINUTES.”

After 35 years in the ‘business world’, I never want to attend another meeting in my life. I believe this is also true of every other meeting ‘attendee’ (excluding the ‘meeting planner’ or ‘boss’ who is holding the meeting.)

I wish I had a magic alternative. I’d love to see more ‘GATHERINGS’ of the right people at the right time on the right subject… to brainstorm or reevaluate or correct the course. (Imagine what life would be like without ‘meetings’, but where you ‘GATHERED’ together in a fun, productive session with real results.)

A meeting, by the way, is not a place to INFORM! If you want to share information, write it down and get it out in a one-pager.

If you’re going to ‘gather’ for actionable results, then people need to be engaged and involved in the session… not listening to one person ramble with no purpose.

I’d love to see more opportunities for ‘CELEBRATIONS’ of accomplishments and success (rather than just ‘talking’ about what we’re going to do).

P.S. If you really, really want a PRODUCTIVE session, either STAND or go for a WALK!