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Fund Development, Just Engage, On Engagement | | Tom Suddes

“Success is a result of Good Judgement.
Good Judgement is a result of Experience.
Experience is a result of Bad Judgement.”

– Will Rodgers

The last couple of years have been challenging and difficult…and have led to a lot of EXPERIENCES. (Good & Bad)

Now is the time to use those EXPERIENCES to focus on ‘ENGAGEMENT’!

As Goose said to Maverick, in Top Gun:


In our world, (just so there is no confusion) ENGAGE means VISIT…SHOULDER TO SHOULDER…OUT OF YOUR OFFICE… with your BEST INVESTORS and PROSPECTS.

Andy Grove, of Intel fame,has created a 3 word battle cry that changes everything,


*Remember Martin Luther King said,

“I have a dream!”

*He didn’t say, “I have a Strategic Plan.”

Newton’s Law states,

“A body in motion tends to stay in motion,
A body at rest tends to stay at rest.”

I’m no physics major, but I get this: ENGAGE means GET IN MOTION!!! You can hide under your desk because of the economy, fear, call reluctance, whatever… OR, you can buy into our IMPACT DRIVES INCOME insight and epiphany.

  • More VISITS (with BEST PROSPECTS) means…
  • More PRESENTATIONS (to Share the Story/Present the Opportunity) means…
  • More MONEY (to Fund the Vision) means…
  • More INCOME…creating much more IMPACT.

Go Forth and ENGAGE!

GUARANTEE: IF you commit to ENGAGE with your CHAMPIONS and your MOST QUALIFIED PROSPECTS… your entire organization will be TRANSFORMED!