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On Leadership (Development)

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

Most of our work is around organizational and team development. Getting this stuff right dynamically supports and drives funding.

This is a mash-up of the coaching conversations we’ve been having with leaders – in particular emerging/developing leaders.

  • Be decisive.

    The leader’s job is to make decisions.

    If you make a wrong decision, it can be addressed. There’s no way to address indecision.

  • Cast and hold a VISION.

    “Leadership is about the future, so all true leadership begins with vision.”
    – Pat Williams

  • Communicate the vision… constantly.

    The vision lives in YOUR head. I see leaders who are frustrated that others can’t just ‘get it’. “We went over the plan at the retreat. What don’t they get?”

    Are you that person?

    Spend every day, take every opportunity, to clarify the vision…. Communicate the vision. It took you a while to build in your head and you expect someone else to get it in ONE meeting?

  • Don’t be Eeyore!

    You get it… right?

  • Hire people around you that compliment your strengths.

    Emerging leaders need to be aware of their strengths. Hire people that complement your strengths. Are you a frenzied, synaptic thinker? Hire a linear-thinker to support you.

    You can offload things that aren’t your strengths – freeing you up to LEAD.

  • Let Fires Burn.

    This is a shorthand to emerging leaders. They often want to jump in and fix everything. Sometimes you have to let the fires burn.

    Don’t you dare go put out that next fire! Instead, figure out how you can support your team of firefighters.

    Funny thing happens. When they’re empowered and you stand back, there are fewer fires.

  • Treat people on your team as ASSETS.

    You can treat people like a liability or an asset and where they fall on the balance sheet depends upon how YOU treat them.

    Our friend Bill Strickland is changing the world with this simple insight. I will be forever grateful to Bill for explaining it this simply.

  • Finally. BE. A. LEADER!


    – From an incredible philanthropist and leader, Bob Werner