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Plant Closings & Revenue

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Yesterday’s thoughts on REDUCING reminds me of the story about John DeLorean when he was working with General Motors. All the ‘bean counters’ talked about how much money they’d save if they closed certain factories/plants.

DeLorean purportedly screamed, “LET’S JUST CLOSE ALL THE BLANKING PLANTS. THEN WE’D SAVE A TON OF MONEY.” (Of course, you couldn’t produce any cars.)

I can’t remember where I saw this, but just read that Congress is taking a hard look at some of the ‘BIG CHARITIES’ before they give them millions and millions more dollars.

The politicians are “upset” that the CEO’s are taking million dollar salaries… spending millions of dollars on travel and conferences… and CLOSING clubs and local organizations where they deliver their service (impact kids’ lives). As my beautiful, little sweetheart granddaughter Tatum (3 years old) just started saying, “DUH?”

This, to me, is exactly like closing all of the plants if you’re in the car business.

What really ticks me off about these LARGE BUREAUCRACIES (and that’s what they are) is that there is no ENTREPRENEURIAL THINKING going on whatsoever. But, that’s probably another rant.