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A Framework that Works for Every Visit…. ever.

Daily Nuggets | | Nick Fellers

Having made 2,000+ visits I can share that only three went EXACTLY as scripted.

However, in all of those visits I cannot think of ONE time in which the Presentation Framework was not totally valid.


On every single visit these three things are really important.

Authenticity. Authenticity makes you and immediate sales expert.

I’ve found — through our workshops and trainings — that I need to be very dramatic about this. Here, I might even say BRUTALLY authentic.

One time I made a visit on behalf of a monastery. There were 33 monks praying for the visit. That made me nervous. I started the visit off by saying, “I do this all the time but I have to tell you, I’m nervous. Right now there are 33 monks praying for our conversation!”

Or, if you’ve been on the job for two weeks get out an make visits. You can be totally authentic, “I’ve only been on the job for two weeks, you probably know more about this organization than I do!”

Discovery. By discovery I mean the process of asking questions and… LISTENING. Most people don’t do the first part and when they do, they forget about the second part!

2,000+ visits and I can’t recall one time when asking questions and listening was not important. WOW!

Engagement. Engagement is a dynamic with a relationship which holds attention, heightens interest and motivates action. (My definition.)

We’re in the process of posting some Daily Nugget videos to illustrate ENGAGEMENT.


  • Visual
  • Simple
  • (Again) Asking questions / Listening

We tend to put a lot of preparation on what we want to SAY but almost no preparation into how we will create engagement and what discovery questions we will ask.