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Quantum Leap Framework (updated)

Examples, Vision & Entrepreneurial Strategy | | Nick Fellers

I posted a first iteration of QLF in July. Have updated below…

Have a look below at our Quantum Leap Framework. We use this as a FRAMEWORK for conversation, services, training, solutions and more (just about everything, really, that involves taking some sort of a QUANTUM LEAP with your FOR IMPACT organization.)

Hopefully you will find this transcends funding issues and offers a framework for organizational IMPACT and INCOME. Moreover, this is applicable to any organization/business/movement looking to Take a Quantum Leap.,

FRAMEWORK: A framework can be adapted to situations and organizations. It’s not a one-size fits all process. It provides a pathway for thinking through a challenge or complex issues including but not limited to:

  • How to make a quantum leap with your organization
  • How to re-design
  • Facilitating training/coaching/strategy sessions
  • Launch a campaign
  • Start-up or re-start
  • Jumpstart funding
  • Engage board members or stakeholder groups at a higher level
  • Strategic planning
  • Designing a launching a start-up venture (any sector)

I think the applications are limitless.

Here are some example applications:

On Campaigns: A campaign is a strategic component of the framework. (The campaign ‘process’ is determined by the VISION/PEOPLE.)

Strategic Planning: Most strategic plans talk about the how-to without ever going up to the ‘vision level’ to get consensus about the ‘where to’ or ‘why’ which is needed for SIMPLICITY.

People/Process/Performance: A little bit of Jim Collins’ notion – get the right people on the bus first – then you can drive the bus anywhere (perhaps with a clear process and ways to measure performance).

Board Meetings: Use this framework to differentiate between Vision/Strategy/Execution. (Hint – stay at Visionary level with time to dip down / frame strategy.)

Decision-Making: Action/Execution starts by ‘drawing the line in the sand’

For me, this FRAMEWORK captures components of BIG CHANGE… BIG LEAPS!