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Forget “Shrink It & Pink It”

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Great article in this month’s Fast Company MASTER OF DESIGN. Great article about helping companies with the $2 TRILLION FEMALE MARKET.

That $2 Trillion is not just to buy “pink stuff”, home products or groceries or whatever.

If you include the whole idea of Women and Philanthropy, the number is probably closer to $30 to $50 to $100 Trillion!

Femme Den, an internal collective at a firm called Smart Design, offers five tenets of designing for women.

Three of those five are worth passing onto you. For more on the story, go to

    Tenet #1: EMPHASIZE BENEFITS over features. (This is all about emotion, impact, relationships… not the building, the details, etc.)

    Tenet #3: CRAFT A COHESIVE STORY. Here’s the direct quote: “Design the whole experience with (them) in mind.” (STORY for women is very, very important. And, designing the EXPERIENCE for them is equally important.)

    Tenet #5: REMEMBER HER LIFE STAGES. In the Femme Den’s words, “Are you designing for a 25-year-old or a 65-year-old?”

Just part of my ongoing attempt to remind us of the power of WOMEN RULE.