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Just Ask (on 2 Pages!)

I did a pretty decent Presentation to a very, very experienced development group on Saturday in Tampa, Florida. The NACCDO is an organization of marketing and development officers of the top CANCER CENTERS in the United States. This conference was hosted by Moffitt Cancer Center, a truly World Class Organization.

My topic was ACCELERATING THE ASK. After the introduction (and tripping and falling), I had about 60 minutes. I prepared for three weeks, plus the entire plane ride to Tampa, plus until midnight the night before and at 5:00 a.m. the next morning.

It’s kind of hard to take 50+ years of selling (I remember first ‘sale’ at 10 years old), 37 years of development work, our two-day boot camp/training camp/sales training into 60 minutes. But, I tried anyway.

One of the pretty cool things that came out of this session, at least for me, was getting all of our FRAMEWORKS and DEVICES on the front/back of an 8½ x 11 sheet of paper.

Here is the pdf. You can even blow it up as a POSTER (which I did for the group on Saturday).

It is, literally, pretty much everything I know about THE ASK. I hope it helps.

The World’s Greatest Philanthropist

I love Bill and Melinda Gates. This has nothing to do with Microsoft… but everything to do with their commitment to literally change the world.

Philanthropy is Greek for ‘friend of mankind’, and nobody are bigger friends of mankind than Bill and Melinda.

Jeff Raikes was named CEO of the Gates Foundation within the last year. There is a terrific article/interview in Stanford Social Innovation Review that you need to read if you’re in the Third Sector… and have any interest in fundraising, development, philanthropy and philanthropists, and funding your vision.

Special Note: Talks about how much he really likes his “Impact Planning and Improvement Group”. It’s all about the IMPACT!


I was reading a book this morning called THE DESIGN OF BUSINESS
by Roger Martin who is a Dean at the Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto.

His big thing is the DESIGN FUNNEL… going from MYSTERY (problem) to HEURISTICS (rule of thumb) and then to ALGORITHM (a system or process that works and can be replicated).

Based on my 35+ years, and a ton of work in the last five years around the ALGORITHM … we have developed the For Impact ROAD MAP, which is also our SALES PROCESS.

You’ve probably all seen it, but I just wanted to reinforce the following:

    6. FOLLOW-UP.

There it is. SIMPLE. STRAIGHT FORWARD. ALGORITHM (Process). You just need to EXECUTE!


Sales Process (A Visual)

Wanted to share this illustration of a customized sales process Kerry and I did with a client. If you’ve been to a workshop you will recognize Predisposition > PTO (Present the Opportunity) > Follow-up from the Roadmap: Sales Process.

Though we made it for one client, I think it’s pretty near universal.

  1. Leads feed into a PREDISPOSITION STRATEGY
  2. VISIT! Do Discovery and then PTO… could be two visits or one but not more.
  3. The GOAL is a big deal to me… if we can get them to say, “Wow, this is great, what can I do to help?” Then it’s not about cultivation, time or a chess-like gambit. It’s about communicating the ‘how to help’… now/today.If they don’t say, “Wow!” then we effectively JUST ASK around the goal… and get permission to talk about the funding plan on the next (second) visit.
  4. Follow-up – is a STRATEGY, not an ACTION ITEM.

Download the Visual

Quantum Leap Framework (updated)

I posted a first iteration of QLF in July. Have updated below…

Have a look below at our Quantum Leap Framework. We use this as a FRAMEWORK for conversation, services, training, solutions and more (just about everything, really, that involves taking some sort of a QUANTUM LEAP with your FOR IMPACT organization.)

Hopefully you will find this transcends funding issues and offers a framework for organizational IMPACT and INCOME. Moreover, this is applicable to any organization/business/movement looking to Take a Quantum Leap.,

FRAMEWORK: A framework can be adapted to situations and organizations. It’s not a one-size fits all process. It provides a pathway for thinking through a challenge or complex issues including but not limited to:

  • How to make a quantum leap with your organization
  • How to re-design
  • Facilitating training/coaching/strategy sessions
  • Launch a campaign
  • Start-up or re-start
  • Jumpstart funding
  • Engage board members or stakeholder groups at a higher level
  • Strategic planning
  • Designing a launching a start-up venture (any sector)

I think the applications are limitless.

Here are some example applications:

On Campaigns: A campaign is a strategic component of the framework. (The campaign ‘process’ is determined by the VISION/PEOPLE.)

Strategic Planning: Most strategic plans talk about the how-to without ever going up to the ‘vision level’ to get consensus about the ‘where to’ or ‘why’ which is needed for SIMPLICITY.

People/Process/Performance: A little bit of Jim Collins’ notion – get the right people on the bus first – then you can drive the bus anywhere (perhaps with a clear process and ways to measure performance).

Board Meetings: Use this framework to differentiate between Vision/Strategy/Execution. (Hint – stay at Visionary level with time to dip down / frame strategy.)

Decision-Making: Action/Execution starts by ‘drawing the line in the sand’

For me, this FRAMEWORK captures components of BIG CHANGE… BIG LEAPS!


Take a Quantum Leap

I first assembled these thoughts as an intro to the For Impact Campaign Manifesto. Re-listed here and in a PDF for download, these QUANTUM LEAP ideas are powerful. I hope they push eliminate the bountries of traditional campaign thinking.


  1. Quantum Leap Thinking by James J. Mapes.
  2. You 2: A High Velocity Formula for Multiplying Your Personal Effectiveness in QUANTUM LEAPS by Price Pritchett.
  3. Taking the QUANTUM LEAP: The New Physics for Nonscientists
    by Fred Wolf.

QUANTUM PHYSICS is described as the

“most powerful science ever conceived by human beings.”


“explosive jump that a particle of matter undergoes in moving from one place to another.”


‘exponential jumps’ in your impact and your income.
(NOT about kaizen, tweaking, OR 3% to 5% growth tied to the adjusted cost of living or tuition increases!)

QUANTUM LEAPS are like taking any BIG Jump.

You don’t focus on the ‘middle’ of the jump…
but where you want to land!!!

QUANTUM LEAPS are NOT about ‘trying harder!’

Trying harder produces only INCREMENTAL GAINS not QUANTUM LEAPS.
(Physicists studying Quantum Mechanics note that particles make these ‘jumps’ without apparent effort and without covering all the bases between the starting and ending point!)

QUANTUM LEAPS never happen by doing the same thing you’re doing now.

Price Pritchett says, “Be ruthless about trying something different. Conventional growth comes because we think along conventional lines.”

QUANTUM LEAP means violating the BOUNDARY of the ‘PROBLEM.’

This means giving yourself permission to dream and to risk.

QUANTUM LEAPS come when you seek the elegant solutions.

Look for an approach characterized by SIMPLICITY, PRECISION and NEATNESS.

QUANTUM LEAPS allow you to do MORE with LESS!

Less resources. Less people. Less money.

The paradox: This creates MORE resources, MORE people and MORE money.

QUANTUM LEAPS are NOT about the ‘how to’.

Skip the ‘detail’. The answers will come to you. When they do, you’ll probably find them to be simple, streamlined solutions.

QUANTUM LEAPS are tied to BHAGs.

Price Pritchett reinforces Jim Collin’s thoughts on Big Hairy Audacious Goals. They’re not Big Hairy Audacious Goals if you’re GUARANTEED that you can reach them! Pritchett says that if you have the ANSWERS and STRUCTURES and CERTAINTY UP FRONT… It’s NOT a QUANTUM LEAP!

A QUANTUM LEAP by definition, means

moving into unchartered territory with NO GUIDE to follow.
You personally draw the map as you go. (In this case, however, I’d like to offer a GUIDE. You can still draw.)

QUANTUM LEAPS require you to take the OFFENSIVE.

You can’t achieve exponential gains from a defensive posture, a passive stance.


FAILURE is a sign of PROGRESS! It means you’ve left the safety of the status quo. Failure is a resource. It helps you find the edge of your capacities. (If you send a rocket toward the moon, 90% of the time it’s OFF COURSE; it ‘fails’ its way to the moon by continually making mistakes and correcting them. Therefore, fail fast.)


‘GETTING READY’ (research, fancy brochures, etc.) is a stalling tactic, an act of anxiety.

You don’t ‘prepare’ for a QUANTUM LEAP…
You MAKE IT, and then you frame out
the DETAILS and STRATEGY on the way!


“SUCCESS is going from FAILURE to FAILURE with no loss of ENTHUSIASM.” —Winston Churchill
“We need to FAIL in order to SUCCEED. Our only decision is HOW TO FAIL.
By not going far enough… or going too far. I prefer the latter.”
– Harriet Rubin

Simple Progression at a Board Retreat

I spent the morning yesterday facilitating a Board Retreat for an incredibly impactful organization.

I wanted to share with you 3 big takeaways, as well as the ‘SIMPLE’ PROGRESSION of how they can raise significantly more money (INCOME) to affect their IMPACT.

  • Takeaway #1: Moving from a WHO model to a WHY model. A very smart community leader pointed out that they had historically been “fundraising with a WHO mentality”. (Legendary, old-time community leaders that helped found the program were able to basically pick up the phone and call in funding support. They’re all gone now.)

    He made this point as we were refining the MESSAGE and reinforcing the PURPOSE and the REASON for their existence. In other words, the WHY model.

  • Takeaway #2: DO THE MATH. It was amazing to watch as the morning progressed and we were able to specifically define the investment required to rebuild/impact one life ($340!). Then, we took a $124M ‘investment requirement’ and, by DOING THE MATH, figured out that the public sector would actually do $107M and the ‘number’ from the PRIVATE SECTOR was $17M!

    We then did a simple, powerful Pyramid/Funding Plan to determine that the $17M would come from 29 investors.

  • Takeaway #3: TIME TO THINK. The leadership was convinced that they needed to move beyond a normal ‘Board Meeting’ and have a session where they could actually take the TIME TO THINK. I believe both the Board and the staff were re-energized around the Impact, Mission and Purpose; and, we RE-DESIGNED the model and methodology to FUND THE VISION.

If you’d like to see it, I’ve included the SIMPLE PROGRESSION (pictured above, download here) that we used as a framework to generate more money. It corresponds with our also very simple ROADMAP.

New e-book: Change (the) Rules

Yesterday, Tom was in Colorado Springs speaking to the AFP with Robbert Egger about Change. Today, I’m at AFP in NW Ohio talking about more of the same. However, I think Tom had more gumption. He put together an entire e-book on change 🙂

Change (the) Rules (DRAFT) includes all the ‘no-mores’, quotes on change and lots more vocabulary. Tom and I have both been framing our discussions around this quote from Tim Kight:

“Every Organization is Perfectly Designed to Get the Results that it’s Getting.”

Our message, this book and just about everything else we’re doing is about CHANGE, specifically the CHANGE we make to get different results…. Change RULES!

Change (the) Rules

Change (the) Rules Napkin)

This play on words comes from my good friend Dick Celeste, President of Colorado College. Former Rhodes Scholar. Former Governor of Ohio. Former Ambassador to India. And currently, terrific father and grandfather. Dick gets this whole thing around CHANGE.

In this generation’s lexicon, ‘RULE’ is a good thing. So, yes, CHANGE does ‘RULE’.

At the same time, in order to really CHANGE something (yourself, your organization, the world), you also have to CHANGE (THE) RULES.

Paul Arden, in his wonderful little book It’s Now How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be, speaks for a multitude of entrepreneurs and change agents when he says,

“You can’t solve the problem if you’re playing by the RULES.”

I believe it’s much stronger than that.


Obviously, without violating any moral or ethical principles, when it comes to trying to solve important social problems, health problems, education problems, financial problems… THERE ARE NO RULES.

  1. “BE the CHANGE you want to see in the world.”


    Gandhi’s eponymous quote is on everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs to bumper stickers. The power of this quote is around the word ‘BE’… which translates to ‘DO’.

    CHANGE is up to us. Some of you reading this can actually CHANGE THE WORLD, especially leaders of CHANGE ORGANIZATIONS. All of us have the ability to CHANGE OUR world, our health, our income, our relationships, our lives.

  2. “EVERY organization needs to ABANDON almost EVERYTHING that it does.”

    —Peter Drucker

    The man has written what seems like hundreds of books and thousands of articles. This is surely one of my favorite quotes. He says EVERY. He didn’t even use the word CHANGE. He said ‘ABANDON’. He also didn’t talk about kaizen or tweak. He said (almost) EVERYTHING.

    Again, I would bring you back to the idea of breaking some RULES, especially if those rules are merely constraints on thinking differently.

  3. “Every organization is PERFECTLY DESIGNED to get the RESULTS they are getting.”

    —Tim Kight

    Tim Kight is a friend and truly brilliant thinker. His quote is so obvious, yet always generates an AHA! moment.

    If we’re not happy with current results or outcomes or the situation… we need to CHANGE the DESIGN of what created the result.

33 Campaign Lessons

August 11th to 15th is For Impact’s CAMPAIGN WEEK
(our version of ‘Shark Week’ on the Discovery Channel).

To kick it off and get you in the right frame of mind, I’ve summarized
33 LESSONS I have learned in helping manage over 300 ‘Campaigns’
and raising over $1B.

Some are self-explanatory. Others are ‘Suddes Shorthand’. (You can download
the entire CAMPAIGN MANIFESTO, TAKE A QUANTUM LEAP for free between now and Aug 15.)

Every org we talk with is IN a Campaign, just coming OUT of a Campaign,
or PLANNING a Campaign.

I hope one of these lessons is the breakthrough for a QUANTUM LEAP ?

1. Attitude is everything!
2. “Make no mistake. We’re in a campaign.”
3. “Leaders Lead.”
4. Everything’s a project.
5. “On Board.”
6. Step Up.
7. Focus. Focus. Focus.
8. Do. Delegate. Dump.
9. No Excuses. No Timeouts. No Substitutions.
10. Get more aggressive.
11. Let go of your baggage.
12. “Engage. Then plan.”
13. Fail. Fail Fast. Better.
14. Prototype everything.
15. Speed doesn’t kill.
16. Act or ask.
17. W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes)
18. Oscillation.
19. Power Of One.
20. No “I” in “team” is a crock.
21. Who, not How.
22. Hire Mavericks.
23. It’s all about sales.
24. Sales requires people. process. performance.
25. Sales demands measurement.
26. Do your push-ups.
27. Write it down. It will happen.
28. Vision rooms rule!!!
29. Simplify your message.
30. Create memorable experiences.
31. Share the story. Present the opportunity.
32. Follow-up. Perseverance. 57 times.

Get 33 Campaign Lessons on one (really cool) page