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Rationalizing the Ask

I’ve written in the past about the importance of the funding plan as part of your case-for-support. I think there is a broader and more fundamental concept which is simply to be able to rationalize the number or rationalize the ask.

The simple concept: Rationalize the Number.

  • Don’t just pull numbers out of the air.
  • Tie the number to a project, priority or overall funding plan for the vision.

The difference between rationalizing the number and not rationalizing the number is the difference between asking for money and presenting the opportunity (a BIG DIFFERENCE.)

Reminder: Don’t make decisions for the prospect. Let the project/priority drive the ask. Focus on the impact and not on trying to make decisions about ‘what funding level to ask for’ – present the opportunity around the rationale and let the prospect decide!

I’ve attached a simple framework (PDF DOWNLOAD) with some self-coaching questions you can use to help you rationalize the number and ask.