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Remain Aggressive (via 2-Speed)

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I don’t read a lot of ‘fundraising blogs’. Most of my blog list includes sifting through entrepreneurs, business builders, innovators and designers…

Brad Feld is a fun funder/tech entrepreneur/cool guy in Colorado to read @ He directed me to 2-Speed (Will Herman) and this post: Remain Aggressive. You need to read this post – it’s strong enough to balance out a lot of the other ‘negativity’ out there around ‘this economy’.

Some bullet points:

  • Play offense, not defense. Not a time to batten down the hatches – successful companies move fast and innovate (especially in these times).
  • “You can’t save yourself to success.”
  • Make sure you respond instead of react, you never panic.
  • “You have to assume that nothing is coming to you – people, business or new ideas – you have to aggressively go out and hunt down everything that will move your company forward.” — See Tom’s entire message about the economy – Now More than Ever we need to be out, making visits, on the offensive, building and maximizing relationships. See my post last week about HOW to respond.
  • “think” (that’s all I need to excerpt of that line)

Read full blog post.