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Running Contrary with Speed and Simplicity

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

I received a call from Kevin, a past client with 20+ years of funding experience. Kevin completely changed his organization’s approach to fundraising after working with For Impact three years ago. He streamlined its approach and message. The organization cut down on all the events, it started making a lot more asks, and it started generating a lot more revenue.

His words:

I still tell everyone I meet about For Impact… that’s it’s the real deal. For whatever reason, I think most people [in the funding biz] can’t comprehend what I’m saying.

I think the entire industry and all the trainings perpetuate this idea that our job is to be friends with everyone. Instead of focusing on selling, fundraisers try to think up more and more ways to be friends.

I’m always telling everyone about For Impact… about how it changed our outlook… focused us on results… all the while making STRONGER relationships.

People can’t comprehend a lot of the things you teach:

  • That it’s okay to ask without a board member.
  • That it’s okay to ask on a first visit.
  • That you can actually share everything you need to share from one piece of paper.
  • That it can be this simple.