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Scaling Impact: 2X = 100X

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Good article in SSIR by Jeff Bradach, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Bridgespan Group. Article is ALL about “SCALING IMPACT”.

Gives some good-to-listen strategies to help expand the impact of organizations, including:

  • CONVERT BRICKS TO CLICKS. Using the web to expand your IMPACT, without increasing the number “boots on the ground”. “Social media (likewise) hold much promise for scaling impact through knowledge sharing, network building, campaigns and collaborations.”
  • BUILD NETWORK SITES. In 20th Century many of the ‘biggies’ (be they BBBS, B&G Clubs, Goodwill, American Red Cross, etc.) spread across the country through networks of local organizations.
  • DEVELOP TALENT. Uses Teach for America as a great example of how some organizations are focusing their efforts on developing leaders “who can then go on to pollinate a field”.
  • BLEND SERVICE WITH ADVOCACY. One way to scale your impact is to blend effective programming advocating with federal or local public service works to increase the impact.

“Finding ways to scale an organization’s impact without scaling its size is the new frontier in the field of social innovation.”

Old Guy Note: 2X the Cost = 100X the Impact is a really easy ‘sell’. 2X = 2X is not.