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The Unreasonable Institute

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I want to… I need to… direct your attention to The Unreasonable Institute.



Pretty much that’s all I need to say. Two co-founders from the Institute (Nikhil and Teju) attended our boot camp last summer when UI was an early idea. We all remember them for their boundless enthusiasm. They’re also incredibly smart — I had to tell Nikhil to speak in plain English. He used too many big words… that’s my only knock on these guys… they’re too smart.

This summer some 20 social entrepreneurs from around the world have gathered for nine weeks at Unreasonable Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

Tom, Kerry and I will each take turns as ‘Unreasonable Mentors’. Kerry was with the team over the Memorial Day weekend. Tom is out there as I type this and I’ll be heading out sometime in July.

Watch the ten minute video below from Unreasonable TV. It’s incredibly well produced like everything else at the Institute. These guys know how to execute. I have a high regard for everything they’re produced so far and it’s early going.

Don’t blink! Look for Kerry at 5:50.