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‘Shoulder to Shoulder’

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

In the last few months, this little nugget/gem has helped a lot of people we’ve trained. I wanted to share or remind you of the power of being ‘SHOULDER TO SHOULDER’ on a visit.

Not ‘eyeball to eyeball’; ‘belly to belly’.

Not facing each other across a desk.

Not competition, ‘arm wrestling’, adversarial.

Getting ‘SHOULDER TO SHOULDER’ implies friendship, same side, working together, and a lot of other ‘good things‘.

Think of this soccer analogy: 1v1.

1v1 is about one versus one… a competition to see who can beat the other player. (Not exactly what we’re trying for on a visit!)

Instead of 1v1… think 1+1!!!

Note: This wording idea came from my friend, Christopher Celeste, a brilliant thinker, entrepreneur, and (my highest compliment) a terrific father to a blended family of 6 amazing kids. (CAC, thanks!)