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Steve Jobs and a Simple Message: It Just Works

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

“It Just Works.”

This is what Steve Jobs kept saying last week when he introduced iCloud – a part of the Mac Operating system that will allow you to access all of your files, all the time, from any of your devices.

Jobs is the master at simple messaging. He could’ve talked about syncing, storage methods, how-it-works, etc. That ‘stuff’ wasn’t important to his message: IT JUST WORKS.

(At one point he talks about Apple’s new data center… he simply says its full of ‘all sorts of expensive stuff’.)

At the highest level Jobs was speaking to anyone that’s ever had a frustration with new technology… whether it be the tech dummy OR the geek that always has to support the tech dummy.

It’s worth noting that Steve was speaking primarily to a room full of geeks when he gave this address.

A fun exercise: Watch Steve Jobs (you will have to scroll to about 1:19:00 in the keynote). Now imagine he’s talking about your organization. What would he say? Can you imagine him up there in jeans and a black shirt saying, “Here it is… WE SAVE LIVES!” Can you imagine him weaving that into his address about 20 times in 20 minutes?

A little hat tip to MG Siegler at who pointed out ‘It Just Works‘.