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The Entrepreneur’s Mantra: Think Big, Build Simple, Act Now

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

For Impact is a team of entrepreneurs. I sold my first company at the age of 20. Tom, a serial entrepreneur, has founded 19 different companies. Just about everyone else has experience in starting/building companies and scaling ideas.

What brings our team together is this experience plus a common passion to use this DNA for impact. (And, there we have a nice little reference to our raison d’ĂȘtre and company.)

Extracting this DNA — then putting it to words — it reads: THINK BIG. BUILD SIMPLE. ACT NOW!

This entrepreneur’s mantra is powerfully guiding in the work we do and the work you do every day.


  • Big VISION. How are you changing the world?
  • Big with your ASKS. You can’t get $1M if you can’t communicate what you would do with $1M!
  • Think at a higher level. Get up, out of the weeds and see the problem, opportunity, team, solution at 30,000′!


  • Get your MESSAGE on a napkin!
  • Focus on your top 10 prospects to TRANSFORM your funding… TRANSFORM your organization
  • ONLY do that which is productive in your funding plan (and other areas of life/biz). Stop doing special events that aren’t special and that don’t raise money. Simplify.


  • Stamp DRAFT on everything and move.
  • No committees. “Engage, then plan!”
  • Just visit. Just ask. Ten steps forward and two steps back is still eight steps forward

Tom brings a more powerful voice to the ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT than I. Not only has he done the 19 companies but he’s traveled the world visiting with and mentoring social entrepreneurs. Here is a one-pager on TB/BS/AN Tom shared with a gathering of 200 young social entrepreneurs earlier this year.