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Winter Solstice

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Yesterday was the ‘shortest‘ day of the year. (Actually, same 24 hours as every other day… but shortest ‘daylight’.)

Earlier civilizations made a pretty big deal of the SOLSTICE. Today, it’s a footnote and I think the name on a car.

For me, it marks the beginning of a Holiday Season (time for family and renewal)… as well as the start of the days (daylight) getting longer.

I’m also reminded at least four times a year (solstices and equinoxes) of Leonardo da Vinci’s crazy, radical and game-changing statement:


Forty years before Nicholas Copernicus revolutionized the world view, Leonardo da Vinci said, “THE SUN DOES NOT MOVE.” Both Copernicus and da Vinci were born on a flat, unmoving planet in the center of the universe, around which the ‘SUN CIRCLED’.

A century after their deaths, that same planet was a rotating sphere orbiting around the sun somewhere in a universe too fast to even have a center! The church tried to suppress this as heresy. All of the best ‘THINKERS’ of the times thought this concept absurd.

The planet/solar system did not ‘CHANGE’, but the paradigm for understanding it had been turned inside out.

Best wishes from all of us at For Impact. May you all have this kind of breakthrough moment in 2011!!!