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The ‘Funnel’

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

This ‘FUNNEL’ is a metaphor and visual representation of DO THE WORK. WRAP IT. SHIP IT. DELIVER IT.

I shared the following with our Suddes Group team today. In the spirit of authenticity and transparency, I thought our For Impact ‘tribe’ would appreciate the message. I think I’ve had this conversation hundreds of time in my life… with my company team, with client teams, and with friends (especially young, college-age superstars).

It’s pretty simple.

No one cares how much ‘stuff‘ goes into the top of the funnel – ideas, projects, plans, goals.

It’s all about what comes out the bottom!!!

Did you do the work? Did you produce? Did you ship? Did you deliver? Was there an actual result?

In our world, this ‘funnel stuff’ is a project, a campaign, a kick start solution, a client engagement, a top prospect commitment, a teammate’s request.

*Another metaphor. You can view this ‘funnel’ as your head (or your mind or your being)

‘STUFF IN’ – Who cares?

‘STUFF OUT’ – The world cares.

***Three great ways to understand this funnel:


2. POKE THE BOX. Seth Godin

3. DO THE WORK. Steven Pressfield