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The Goal of the Visit

Blog | | Nick Fellers

Having the visit is not the goal.

Visiting with a potential prospect is not a goal unto itself; it’s the means to an end.

What’s the end? What are your goals? It’s so important to have clearly defined goals – especially if two or more from your organization are going on the visit together. The goal determines what you say.

I just got off the phone with a coaching client. When I asked about the goal the client said, “Well, I guess our goal would be to share the message.”

Again, sharing the message is an activity – not the goal.

In her case, we established three goals for this initial visit. May help you…

  1. Qualify the prospect. (Financial capacity and interest).
  2. Have her help to identify the correct players in the city to get on board.
  3. Get her help in getting to some or all of those identified in number two.