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The Grass is Always Greener… eh?

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

I hear the following:

From colleges: It’s a hard case, we charge $35K annually and we have an endowment. People think we have all the money we need.

From everyone else: It’s not like we’re a college with years of alumni relations.

From the ‘biggies’ (who shall go nameless): We need more brand awareness. That’s how Susan Kohmen does it.

From everyone else: It’s not like we’re [insert biggie name].

From the small, nimble start-up: We’re not the big guy, we don’t have all the big guns on our board.

From the big guys: We can’t go talk to XYZ. That’s [insert red tape reason].

From everyone that doesn’t deal with kids: Kids are sexy and sell, we don’t have that. How are we supposed to compete?

From the kids orgs: Putting a cute kid on a poster is not enough, people really get after us about our measurement… how are we supposed to compute all the numbers? We’re not transactional, we deal more with emotion and subtle things that change lives.