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The Individual Skills of Your Board Members!

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I was in Colorado Friday at a Board Retreat for an amazing hospital focused on traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.

*Last year we laid out the Plan and Strategy for a $100 Million Initiative. This year we reported the progress that was fueled by the hospital’s Senior Staff, the Foundation Team and the Board.

I wanted to share with all of you a truly astounding activity and result.

We really brainstorming ideas on specific ways that Board Members could help with our 3 Priorities of People, Programs and Place and especially with our $75 Million Vibrant Family Campus.

I had written up on the flip chart a simple note about utilizing the individual skills possessed by each Board Member.

A brilliant young Board Member, who also happened to be an alum (former patient), picked up on that and asked if it would be okay if we went around the room and had every Board Member share their particular skill/strength, as well as what they were going to specifically do on this effort.

WOW! Totally screwed up our time schedule, etc. However, results were beyond belief.

Board Members talked about their strengths and skill set (in business, sales, construction, etc.) They each said the one thing that they thought they could do which would provide the most help to the staff and on the campaign.

Examples included:

    • Go On Visits… to Ask or to Share their Story.
    • Open Doors.
    • Help with Branding and Marketing.
    • Help with the Construction Project. And on and on.

I’ve done an awful lot of work at Board Retreats. This was one of the most powerful activities I’ve ever seen.

The Executive Director of the Foundation and I took a lot of notes. Now we have to follow-up. We will.