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The Pulse of the Planet

Blog | | Tom Suddes

My partner Nick is one of the most technologically advanced people I’ve ever met in my life. He’s ahead of every ‘new new thing’. (In case you don’t know this, Nick and two buddies started a FACEBOOK equivalent at Notre Dame when they were students. They were four or five years ahead of Mark Zuckerberg. I think they eventually sold it for $25 and some free movie passes. Zuckerberg is worth $1 Billion. Nick’s other two partners have gone to start some other really successful companies. Nick’s stuck with me. But he’s changing the world.)

Nick came across Twitter’s vision/goal: To be the “PULSE OF THE PLANET“.

Now that’s a Jim Collins’ BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). It’s a VISION. Talk about THINKING BIG.

Twitter wants to have ONE BILLION USERS. That’s like Sergey Brin and Google wanting to “ORGANIZE ALL OF THE WORLD’S INFORMATION”. And, to throw in two other tech icons, it’s Bill Gates wanting to “PUT A COMPUTER ON EVERY DESK” and Steve Jobs demanding that Apple “MAKE A DENT IN THE UNIVERSE”.

What’s your BHAG? How can you THINK BIG? What is your ‘PULSE OF THE PLANET’?