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The Year of Authenticity

Blog | | Tom Suddes

(Almost) everything I read over the holidays was talking about ‘AUTHENTICITY’ as the buzz word/watch word of 2008.

  • In politics . Many op-ed pieces and articles were referring to 2007 as a year of “cynicism”… and that the key to voter connection in 2008 was going to be AUTHENTICITY . (I know. ‘Authenticity’ and politics is an oxy and a moron. But wouldn’t it be great to have our politicians be authentic, sincere, real, etc.?)
  • In business . Management gurus, authors and business leaders are all touting the value of being AUTHENTIC .Jim Gilmore and Joe Pine (authors of one of my favorite books The Experience Economy) just came out with a brand new book titled Authenticity. What Consumers Really Want . It’s a terrific read with a paradox (the more contrived the world seems, the more we all demand what’s real) and a premise (satisfy consumer demands for AUTHENTICITY, across every kind of offering and you’ll capture their hearts, minds and dollars).
  • In life . I read some fascinating books over the holidays on entrepreneurism and the entrepreneur’s life. One of my favorites is LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE: Notes from An Unusual Life by Bob and Melinda Blanchard. Their bottom line (and mine) is that you’ve got to live YOUR life, not the life we’re bombarded with on TV and in the media. (Think about it. ‘REALITY’ TV is, in reality, contrived, fake, scripted and edited!)

Soooooooooo………. make 2008 your year of AUTHENTICITY in your Organization. In your Development/Investor Presentations. And in your Life.