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To Have the Most Impact, Ask the Right Questions

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I know. You’ve heard this before. Many times. Why am I repeating it now?

Cuz… this was the topic/headline at HBR Blogs Network a couple of days ago!

It’s Haaavaad Business Review. The two authors, Chris Musselwhite and Tammy Plouffe, make some great points that support one of our most important maxims: JUST ASK… QUESTIONS!

  • “A simple and effective way to influence intentionally is to ASK QUESTIONS.”
  • “By really LISTENING to the person’s response, you will know whether you can move on to your next point or if you need to back up and re-address something…”
  • “Asking the right questions enables you to see whether you can continue to ‘PUSH’ your opinion to a receptive person… or if you need to ‘PULL’ the person back into the conversation before you lose his or her attention.”
  • “Perhaps most importantly, ASKING QUESTIONS frames the entire conversation as an inquiry in which both sides are coming together to uncover the best solution.” YES!!!

Love all of this. Take a moment and read the blog. It’s short but supports everything that you’ve been reading from the For Impact/Suddes Group Team.

Note: Pay attention to the 3 different types of questions:

    1. Convergent Questions
    2. Divergent or Expansive Questions
    3. Integrating Questions