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United Nation of the N.G.O. World

Examples, Social Entrepreneurs | | Tom Suddes

Politics aside, how about the PARTNERSHIP of Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr.? Tsunami relief. Hurricane relief. Sharing the dais/podium all over the country, all over the world.

Read a very interesting quote from Clinton, talking about his HIV/AIDS initiative … pointing towards a new system of RELATIONSHIPS that brings together governments, nonprofit groups, investors, donors and international organizations. He said he’s seeking ways to leverage the money and power of states with the flexibility and skills of the NGOs.

The article indicated that he sees enthusiastic response to the launch of his global initiative as a signal that the world in which he operates is ready for NEW KINDS OF COOPERATION (my caps) and perhaps is ready for GLOBAL LEADERSHIP (again, my caps).

“This movement has grown so rapidly and there are so many people doing it and it’s so entrepreneurial(!) that I think it would profit from better coordination, more information sharing, and combining efforts.”

“There’s no association of NGOs. There is no United Nations of NGOs. There is no coordination. I think it would be beneficial if we all worked together more.”